About Us Yates Transmission, INC.

Welcome to Yates Transmission, INC. Home of the Transmission Shop that gives an exact price before any repair begins! We are here to offer you a great price every time. We repair automatic transmissions only please. No manual shifts. We do not charge for estimates and or checking out your vehicle.


J stands for John, my grandfather, R for Ruben, my father, and G for Gary (me).

Long ago my grandfather, John, started Yates & Sons Garage and Transmissions in Brady, Texas in the 1940’s. My father, Ruben, a 20+ years Army Vet, got permission to open a transmission shop in 1958 from the Post Commander in Columbus, keeping our family tradition going. My father, Ruben, worked every evening late after he got off work as the great soldier he was. I worked for my father all my life until he turned it over to me in 1998. We have done, and still do, work for state and federal government.

We have done work for the Department of Human Resources, Columbus State University, Rutledge Correctional Institute, and other divisions of the federal and local government for many years.

Give us a call today: (706) 687-5069